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All you need to get started is a website. No matter which platform your website is built on, you can create an app without requiring any other asset.

LuvBeing App Builder is a no-code app builder. This means you don’t have to write a single line of code to build an app. You’re not required to learn any programming language to make a mobile app.

You can create any type of app. LuvBeing App Builder is designed to convert any website to a mobile app. Whether you wish to build an app for a retail website, dating website, LMS or any other type of business, you can do it without coding.

You can get support for all kinds of websites. No matter which technology you’ve used to build your website, you can create an app for it.

Yes. As long as your website is mobile responsive, you can convert it into App. Also no need to install a plugin in your WordPress.

Absolutely not. Just like your normal website visitors, everything depends on the number of your App users as app will communicate directly with your website.

You can build a mobile app in minutes. LuvBeing App Builder is designed to expedite every step of app development with point-and-click design options and seamless preview features.

LuvBeing App Builder is a DIY platform. You can build and maintain your app on your own. In general, your app’s speed and security depend on your website. As long as your website is fast and secure, your app will also work smoothly.

A no-code app builder is a development platform that allows you to create mobile apps without coding. Normally, no-code app builders don’t require you to learn how to create an app.

A native app by definition is a software that’s designed to work for a particular operating system or device.

For example, an iOS app is designed to work on an iOS device. Similarly, an Android App is designed to work on Android devices.

You will not be charged any commissions on sales made through the app.

If you already have a live app on Google Play and Apple App Store, you can migrate it to LuvBeing App. Open ticket to learn more.

Visit the pricing page to learn how much it costs to build a mobile app.

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